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Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Bennie Owens, Veteran and Sr Systems Administrator

Bennie Owens is a Veteran and Senior Systems Administrator in the ITM department at

SEEL, LLC. Formerly a member of the United States Air Force, Mr. Owens was a Crew Chief for 5 years. During his third deployment, Owens was injured and medically retired a year early.

As a Crew Chief, Owens was an aircraft mechanic working on the entire aircraft from the tires to the engine, even setting up planes for medical evacuation, para troopers, cargo, and any other mission related activities. Bennie stated, “Our plane is our LIFE, we know our plane better than we know our own home. I personally lived on my plane for months at a time in different countries because our planes are usually an ESSENTIAL PART OF THE MISSION.”

When asked about how his military experience translated to his civilian career, Bennie had some great insight. “Much like SEEL, my job is relied upon to complete the mission without me and my team maintaining SEEL’s computers and electronic devices, the company could not thrive and run as well as it does. Much like the Air Force I take my career very seriously. Without me doing my job others can’t do theirs and that could lead to a snowball effect that I am not willing to let occur WHILE I’M ON DUTY!”

Mr. Owens explained that veterans never lose their military bearing. The discipline and habits that were instilled in him while in the Air Force, will never go away. He still wakes up at 5:30 in the morning no matter what. He arrives early to work, appointments, and events. When speaking to individuals he does not know, he still addresses them as “Sir” or “Ma’am” as a matter of respect.

Veteran’s Day is just one day out of the year in which we focus on the tremendous contributions of our United States veterans. Beyond their military service, they often carry their valuable experience into productive civilian private and public sector careers. When it comes to what the holiday means to Bennie Owens, he responded “It is the day when those of us that fought for this country are appreciated the one day out of the year that we are appreciated no matter what color we are or how we look. We are seen as Americans and it is bittersweet.”

As a veteran-owned business enterprise, SEEL would like to send a heartfelt thank you to Bennie and all of our veterans. Thank you for your service to this country!

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