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SEEL, LLC PM Helps Advance Building Design Best Practices

Thanks to contributions from SEEL Project Manager Arunabha Sau and a team of nine other dedicated engineering professionals, the 2019 HVAC Applications ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) features a new chapter: Integrated Building Design. The chapter guides owners, architects, civil engineers, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) professionals, commissioning agents and contractors on how to reduce hours, resources, and budget in the early stages of a building design project.

“It was an honor to be one of the writers chosen to develop this chapter of the ASHRAE handbook,” said Sau, who currently serves as the Technology Transfer Chair of the Detroit Chapter of ASHRAE. “It’s very prestigious to participate on a project like this that impacts the global building design and engineering community. I am thankful to SEEL, for allowing me the time to volunteer on the project.”

Integrated building design allows for cost reductions in every discipline by being efficient in resource management. It is the process of having all design professionals work together from the very beginning of the project. Typically, design processes only include the owner and the architect but with the completion of the ASHRAE Handbook’s Chapter 60, the integrated building design process grows as a mainstream practice of the industry. All told, the project took two years and underwent multiple public reviews.

ASHRAE is an international organization with a mission to advance the arts and sciences of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigerating to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world.

Arunabha Sau, Project Manager, SEEL, LLC (Solutions for Energy Efficient Logistics)

With 11 years of experience in the Architectural Engineering industry, Sau currently works as a project manager at SEEL, LLC (Solutions for Energy Efficient Logistics). He is responsible for system design, quality control, and quality assurance for in-field operations. Sau has a BA and MS in Architecture (Energy Optimization in Built Environment). He is also the author of Low-Energy Passive Solar Residences in Austin, Texas: Finding out the possibility to reduce discomfort hours in houses using solar chimney, natural ventilation and dual façade in hot-humid climate - which is available on Amazon.

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