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SEEL Celebrates Energy Efficiency Day, October 7th

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Every day is energy efficiency day at SEEL, but today is National Energy Efficiency Day. On this day, we celebrate and generate awareness with the rest of the country. It is a day to shine a light on the incredible impact that efficiency has on our planet and our wallets. This is our everyday work, to help residential and business customers learn about their energy use, waste reduction, and implementation of efficiency methods. When everyone learns to do their part, it adds up to something great.

It is widely said that the cheapest kilowatt is the one you never use. Teaching our customers and clients how to cut back on energy waste, in their homes and businesses, saves them money on their utility bills. When utility customers consume less electricity and natural gas, this cuts down on overall carbon emissions. As states, municipalities, and utility companies around the country make carbon reduction pledges, energy efficiency is the best place to start realizing those goals. Starting by cutting down on the energy consumed makes the adoption of renewable sources more feasible.

Solutions for Energy Efficient Logistics (SEEL) is one of the largest minority-owned, disabled veteran-owned energy program management firms in the nation. We at SEEL are doing our part to help end climate change and save our customers money. It is a win-win for the environment and the bottom line. Do your part by going to: to take the pledge.

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